New to IELTS writing? Read these points!

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To remember for IELTS Writing:

  • Make sure you PLAN your answer before you start to write it: If you fail to plan, then plan to fail!  A planned answer is easier and faster to write.
  • Remember to write at least 250 words.  You will not receive a higher score if you write more than 250 words.
  • Make sure you identify the topic and write only about that.  While you are writing, go back to the question and read it again, making sure you are 'on track'.
  • Do not attempt to memorise an answer - the examiners will know it's memorised and you will get 0 for your bandscore :'(.
  • Make sure you have some time at the end to check your answer - even the best writers make mistakes!
  • Try to paraphrase words from the question that you use in your answer.
  • Task 2 is worth 66% and Task 1 is worth 33%

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