IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

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What will you be asked to write about in your IELTS Task 2 question? 

There are hundreds of different questions that can be asked but we have created a list which gives you some broad topics to get you thinking about what you may be asked to write about.  This list is based upon past IELTS tests.  

Have a look at them and ask yourself: Do I have knowledge and experience about all of these broad topics? If your answer is 'no', then you have to do more reading (eg: Time Magazine, New Scientist, The Guardian).

Popular IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics:


  • pollution problems, climate change, impact of pollution in cities.
  • Click here for some actual questions.



  • children, high school, university, the arts
  • Click here for some actual questions.


social changes

  • family roles, migration
  • Click here for some actual questions.



  • medicine, obesity, impact of fast food on society, immunisation, organic foods, is modern medicine making us healthier today?
  • Click here for some actual questions.


  • what's more important: enjoy your job or get lots of money, unemployment
  • Click here for some actual questions.


  • the Internet, impact: positive/negative?, use of ‘gadgets’, impact on health
  • Click here for some actual questions.



  • decision-making, developed vs developing countries
  • Click here for some actual questions.



  • immigration, movement of information, cultural impact of
  • Click here for some actual questions.


crime & punishment

  • juvenile crime, capital punishment, prevention of crime
  • Click here for some actual questions.


sport & recreation

  • money earned by athletes, doping/drugs in sport
  • Click here for some actual questions.



A couple of topics you won't have to write about ;) :

  • religion (eg: is one religion better than another?)
  • politics (eg: your political preference)

This video offers some valuable advice about Writing Task 2 as well B)

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