Cambridge Writing Task 2 - Email, Article or Report

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Cambridge Writing Task 2

In this task, you have to write 140 - 190 words as either an answer to an email, an article based on a given title, or a report with suggestions on how to write it.

This is an example of an article.

You see this announcement on an English language website.

Articles wanted

Write an article with this title:

There is a Sport for Everyone

The best articles will be posted on our website.

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I think that there is a sport for everyone, and we should all practice at least one sport. For people who like team sports, there is the world's most popular sport, football, which involves a lot of running. There are also sports which require good coordination like basketball, volleyball or softball. 

For one-on-one competition, there is tennis or badminton or other racket sports, and combat sports like judo, boxing, and other martial arts.

And, for people who like to be alone, there are sports like swimming, running, and cycling which do not require other people in order to practice them.

Older people can choose sports like walking, golf or gardening which involve getting outside and moving. 

Finally, there are fitness centers which propose a wide variety of activities, such as aerobics and dance, as well as weight-lifting and machines.

So, I think there is no reason why people should not be active!

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