Cambridge Writing Task 2 - Email, Article or Report

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Cambridge Writing Task 2

In this task, you have to write 140 - 190 words as either an answer to an email, an article based on a given title, or a report with suggestions on how to write it.

This example is an answer to an email.

Subject: Best vacation ever!

Hi! In class we are collecting stories about people's best vacations ever. Can you please answer me with your memories? We want to know where you went, how old you were, who you went with and why it was the best ever.

Thank you!


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Hi Sophia,

Nice to hear from you! I think the best vacation ever for me is actually a series of vacations, but always to the same place.

In the fall of the year, my parents would rent a house, sometimes with another family, in the mountains a few hours away from where we lived. There would be other people there, of course, and I had a lot of friends in the mountains.

We would go for long walks in the cool air and nature, and I remember that I always slept very well. As a teenager it was fun to go out with my friends, and I always met new friends when I was there. When I was young, I enjoyed going to restaurants with just my family, and when I was older going on dates with girls. 

We saved money all year in order to go on vacation, so this was a chance to buy some new things too. At the end of our stay, we always bought gifts for family and friends. 

I hope this helps your project!

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