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The Cambridge English Certification requires written work from the student. Following is a sample question and a sample answer. (Usually, answers are between 150 - 200 words)

1. In your English class, you have been talking about pollution and the environment. Now, your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.

Every city in the world has problems with pollution. What steps have people taken to reduce pollution in cities?

Write about:

1. Transportation

2. Individual steps

3 ........... (your own idea)

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Pollution is a real problem in the world today. Everywhere we look we see garbage on the road, on the sidewalks, and people also pollute by driving cars and burning fossil fuels like coal in order to create electricity. I see that some steps have been made, though, to reduce pollution.

In transportation, there are more and more buses and tramways than in the past. This means that people can take public transportation to more places and leave their cars at home. They can use their cars for special trips on the weekends and not to go to work or school every day.

There are also special bins for plastics, cardboard and metal recycling. These items are taken away separately and do not join the regular trash. We can all recycle paper by putting it in the paper bin, for example. We can also use things longer, for example our electronics (like telephones) instead of throwing them away every year.

I think schools can be more concerned about wasting food. A lot of students throw away food from their trays. Perhaps students can choose better what they want to eat instead of giving everyone the same meal.

Finally, I think there is a lot we can do to reduce pollution and create a healthier world.

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