'Ain't' in formal writing?

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Is it acceptable to use ain't on my written exam?

"Ain't" seems like a useful word in English. Unlike "am not", "are not" and "is not", there is only one form to remember -
ain't B).

Many native speakers use "ain't" in their spoken language, and on the internet it can also be found in written documents.

But you should never write "ain't", except if you are quoting someone. This situation is extremely rare and probably will not be a part of your written IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC exam.

You should know the meaning of the word when you hear it or read it, but do not use it on your formal exam!

To repeat: 'ain't' can mean all of the above: 'am not', 'are not' and 'is not'.  But it's an informal word that must not be used in a formal, academic English test.

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