Best Wishes or Best wishes? Yours Sincerely or Yours sincerely?

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In the IELTS General Training Module, you will need to write a letter.

It is important that you correctly end your letter.  A lot of people choose the correct closing salutation, but many capitalise BOTH closing words.

When you’re finishing a letter (or e-mail) make sure you capitalise only the first one. This applies to formal and informal writing in both UK and US English. That means that the following are all written correctly:

  • Yours sincerely
  • Kind regards
  • Best regards
  • With love
  • With best wishes
  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours truly

Note: if there is only one word in the close, then make sure you capitalise it.  For example:

  • Love
  • Regards
  • Sincerely

Make sure you don't make this mistake on test day  B)

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