TOEFL Speaking - Section 1

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TOEFL Speaking test - Section 1

In this section, you will have 15 seconds to prepare a topic and 45 seconds to speak about the topic. The topic is usually a personal question. You may make a few notes (keywords) if you wish.

You are given the chance to visit any city in the world for one week. What city do you choose and why?

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I have already had the chance to travel a little bit, so I think I would choose a city that I don't know and yet which fascinates me: Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world, and one which is interesting because it is the capital of Japan and has had a large influence on the Western world. I think of the delicate Japanese food, the powerful Japanese industry in areas such as technology and cars. Martial arts such as judo and karate have their roots in Japan.

The Japanese language is interesting, too, with its many different alphabets and complicated grammar. Japan has unique artwork and many traditions that we in the West don't understand.

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