I have problem in general reading module.last IELTS exam I just got 5.5 band I required 7

VishalVishal Member Posts: 1
Most difficult task for me is heading matching
Please give me some better tips for reading and SWL


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    Hi Vishal

    Thanks for your message.

    It takes around 200 hours of classroom instruction to increase your Band Score by 1.  This means you will have to do quite a lot of study/language improvement to achieve the score you want.

    Our online course at Scott's English  has our best tips.  We have quite a lot of paragraph heading exercises both in that course as well as Scott's English PLUS.

    You should also search the topics under the 'reading' category.

    All the best with your reading improvement!
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    lilianlilian Member Posts: 1
    Pls I don’t know how to match headings

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    Hi Lilian

    The key with 'matching headings' is to FIRSTLY read the paragraph.  Once you have finished reading the paragraph, you should have a general idea of what the main point in the paragraph is.  In other words, you should have a heading idea in your mind, before you look at the actual list of headings given in the IELTS test.

    This is the process we recommend:

    1. Read the paragraph:

    The concept of the rocket, or rather the mechanism behind the idea of propelling an object into the air, has been around for well over two thousand years. However, it wasn’t until the discovery of the reaction principle, which was the key to space travel and so represents one of the great milestones in the history of scientific thought, that rocket technology was able to develop. Not only did it solve a problem that had intrigued man for ages, but, more importantly, it literally opened the door to exploration of the universe.

    2. After reading this paragraph, consider what is the MAIN idea of the writer.

    3. Write down what you think the main idea is.

    4. Now, check to see if YOUR idea matches/is similar to any of the ideas given in the test.

    For the answer to the above example, click below:

    I hope you have identified that the most important point mentioned in the paragraph is that the 'reaction principle' lead to a breakthrough in the development of the rocket. So, in a few words, a sample heading might be: 'discovery leads to development'.

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