The F-1 (student) Visa Process for the United States

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A student visa is required for anyone who wants to study in the United States and who does not have American citizenship. 

The process can take a long time (up to 4 months), and a student cannot enter the United States more than 30 days before the validity of his or her visa.

Step One is to be accepted to a school (College or University) in the United States. Look at each school's website, contact their International Student Department, and complete the admissions process.

Step Two, once you are accepted officially by an American school, is to receive your I 20 form, which you will need to give to the officer of the US Consulate when you go for your interview. You will also need to pay the SEVIS (student information system) fee, which is currently 200 dollars.

Step Three is to complete the Form DS-160, which can be found on the US Embassy's website in your local country. This will also need to be given to the Consulate when you go for your interview.

Step Four is to schedule your interview at the Consulate. You will have to bring a series of documents to the interview, check the website of the Consulate in your country. 

Some schools also require proof of your English-language level, which you will have to bring to your interview.

Good luck!
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