TOEFL Speaking - Section 2

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In this part you have to speak for 45 seconds about a choice.

Look at the topic below for 15 seconds. You may make notes if you wish

Some people prefer to have a set list of tasks given to them to perform each day, while other people like to just have a project and be allowed to decide how they work on it. Which one are you, and why?

     Preparation Time: 15 seconds
     Response Time: 45 seconds

You should speak for 45 seconds.

Click here for a sample response:

I think I prefer to be given a large idea, like a project, and allowed to work on it myself until it is finished. For example, when I have to write a paper for a class, I like to have plenty of time to prepare the paper my way, rather than having the teacher impose due dates for an outline or a bibliography.

However, I also make lists of every detail that I need to do during the day. Emails to send, letters to write, even what food I need to buy and eat. I go through the list and check off each item as I do it, which makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. In this way, my little tasks get done building to the big tasks.

In conclusion, I guess I use both ways of working: I like having a project to do and the freedom to do it, but then I make lists of tasks to do and check them off as I do them.

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