TOEFL Speaking - How to get a high score!

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Students often ask, "How can I get a high score on the TOEFL speaking test?" Here are three important tips:

1. Speak a lot - if you can, speak to other people in English about a wide variety of subjects. Remember that the TOEFL speaking exam starts with two general questions before asking academic questions. Look at sample subjects online, and practice answering them - out loud! Speak to a mirror if you cannot speak to anyone else.

2. Use correct language as a model
- Read famous speeches out loud. Practice saying good sentences. Reading passages from books is not a good way to improve your speaking because books are written to be read, not spoken. Poetry is made to be spoken, but be careful as poets may use the language in ways that people do not use in daily life. Watching a series and reading aloud the subtitles can help you with your intonation and pronunciation.

3. Have someone correct you
- Find a native English speaker who can correct you. This can be painful at first, in particular if there are a lot of corrections; but set aside your pride and accept the corrections and improve every time. 

*Learning takes place over time. Set aside at least three (3) months before the TOEFL test in order to improve your speaking skills B).

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