TOEFL Speaking Test - Section 1

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TOEFL Speaking test - Section 1

In this section, you will have 15 seconds to prepare a topic and 45 seconds to speak about the topic. The topic is usually a personal question. You may make a few notes (keywords) if you wish.

Every day we have to wear clothes. What is your favourite style of clothing and why?

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My favourite style of clothing is comfortable yet chic. I like to wear colours that I can match easily together, like black, grey, and dark blue, and then add a little colour with yellow socks or a bright t-shirt. Now that I think of it, most of my clothes and accessories are either black or grey or silver. For example, I wear a black watch and a black bracelet, I also wear a silver necklace and glasses with a black rim. My pen is silver in colour.

My bag is black and most of my jackets for cold weather are also dark in colour. Maybe this is because I come from a cold climate where the winter can be depressing. So I guess my style is comfortable, chic and black.

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