IELTS/TOEFL listening improvement

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Having problems with Listening?  Finding it hard to improve your Listening score?

Here are some suggestions to help you improve your listening ability: 

1. Transcribe short recordings.

  • Listen to a Section 4 recording for one (1) minute (00.00-01.00) of one of our listening tests. Don't write anything. 
  • Next, listen and write down everything you hear for 1 minute. 
  • Next, listen again to the same 1 minute audio and fill in some more details.
  • Stop the recording then click 'transcript' and compare your answer with the actual transcript.

2. Analyse any mistakes that you make when doing our practice Listening tests.

3. Listen to the difficult parts of each test several times, until you hear and understand all of the correct answers.

4. Take careful notice of any new words and any spelling mistakes.

5. Make sure you carefully review all the tips in the Classroom area of the SES site.

6. Listen to as much English as possible to improve your 'English ear' (there are a number of recommended sites listed in the Resource Library at www.scottsenglish.com).

If you're doing all of these things, keep going! You might not notice it, but your listening will improve gradually - slow and steady wins the race!

For further practice, go here.

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