Exclamation marks!

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Using exclamation marks correctly

The Internet has caused a surge in the use of exclamation marks (!) and bold text for emphasis. When reading a sentence with an exclamation mark, the sentence becomes louder and more important.

For example:

1. "When asked if she wanted the job, she said, 'Yes.' "
2. "When asked if she wanted the job, she said, 'Yes!' "

Her "yes" in the first sentence is simple, quiet, stating a fact - she wants the job.
Her "yes" in the second sentence shows enthusiasm - she really wants the job.

Exclamation marks are often used with interjections:

Wow! I didn't know that.

Fantastic! Let's start immediately.

Hurray! You won the contract.

No! I will never eat those chili peppers again.

Notice how the exclamation mark shows the strong feelings of the speaker.

Our advice? Use exclamation marks with caution. Use them to show emotion and enthusiasm in your writing.

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