Body Paragraphs: A key to success

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Body Paragraphs: Extending Your Point

 A lot of students have difficulty extending or expanding their paragraphs.  How can this problem be fixed?  Well, it’s simple: in the body paragraphs, you should make a statement and then give an example.

Consider this sentence: “I had a nice weekend.”

This is a statement about a person’s weekend.  He/she has stated that ‘it was nice’.  But how nice?  Well, in order to know the answer to this, further examples/explanations must be given.

“I had a nice weekend.  On Friday night I had a lovely dinner with my family and on Saturday night I went to a party.  On Sunday, I went to the beach.”

Now I can understand what is meant by, “I had a nice weekend”.  The examples/further explanations help me understand in more detail.

Your IELTS Task 2 answer is the same.  Consider this statement from a student:

Adults learn a second language more effectively than a child. 

The problem with this sentence is the reader does not know any details about why adults learn more effectively.  So, an example must be added:

Adults learn a second language more effectively than a child.  An adult already has the basis of his or her first language and can compare the new language effectively.  An adult typically knows things like verbs, nouns and adjectives and compare these with the new language.

Remember: Make a statement then give an example.

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