TOEIC Writing Section 1 - Test Taking Tips!

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There are 10 questions in the first part of the test.

You will write one sentence based on a picture. You will also be given two words or phrases that you must use in your sentence, in any form and in any order.

How can you successfully answer these writing questions?

1. Quickly look at the two words. Do you know them or another form?

Most of the times the words will be common words from the TOEIC vocabulary. Make sure you know your vocabulary!
2. Look at the picture. How do the words apply?

There are often people in business settings  Decide how the words apply and to whom - guard, office, colleague, boss, employee, employer are nouns that are commonly used. Is one of the words a verb, and if so, how is the action occurring? Is one an adjective, and can it apply to all of the people in the image?

3. Feel free to change the form!

If there are two people and one word is "colleague", change it into "colleagues". "Watch" as a verb can be "is watching" or even "is watched". Some words can be nouns or verbs - use whichever one fits."Review" might be "He is reviewing the report" or "She is reading a review in the newspaper".
4. Practice

Find an image and practice! There are images all around, practice looking at an image and writing a sentence about it. There are practice images and sample answers on http://answers.scottsenglish.com/

Good luck!

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