What is IELTS?

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IELTS is a test of English.  

There are two versions of the IELTS test. The first and most popular is the Academic Module. This is for students who are looking to gain entry into an English­-speaking university or institution of higher education. The other Module is called General Training. This is for individuals who are looking to immigrate or for students who are looking to enrol in a secondary school or vocational training course. The two courses are not equal or interchangeable.

The Academic Module carries more ‘weight’ than the General Training course. If you wish to study at university, for  example, the General Training Module will not be suitable for you. The table below offers a quick comparison between the two modules:

Academic Module

General Training Module

Listening: the same for both modules

40 questions, 4 sections


40 questions, 3 sections


Texts are taken from academic contexts (journals, books, magazines, etc)


The topics are appropriate for students planning to enter university.


40 questions, 3 sections 


Texts are taken from social survival, general reading contexts (newspapers, leaflets, advertisements, etc)  


The topics are appropriate for those planning to immigrate or study in a high school environment.




2 Tasks 


Task 1: Describe a table, graph or diagram.


Task 2: Give a point(s) of view about a topic.



2 Tasks 


Task 1: Respond to a problem via a letter.


Task 2: Give a point of view about a topic.


Speaking: the same for both modules 

3 Parts

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