TOEIC Reading - Part 7

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Answer the questions based on the reading below:

Artificial intelligence has gotten smart at certain tasks. AI has defeated world champions in chess, Go, and now poker. But does artificial intelligence actually think?

The answer is complicated, largely because intelligence is complicated. One can be book-smart, street-smart, emotionally gifted, wise, rational, or experienced; it’s rare and difficult to be intelligent in all of these ways. Intelligence has many sources and our brains don’t respond to them all the same way. Thus, the quest to develop artificial intelligence begets numerous challenges, not the least of which is what we don’t understand about human intelligence.

1. Artificial Intelligence has not defeated the best players of:
A. Chess
B. Checkers
C. Poker
D. Go 

2. Intelligence is difficult to define because:
A. The brain hasn't been studied enough
B. Artificial intelligence is more important
C. There are different types of intelligence
D. Games are complicated for the brain

3. What word is the closest in meaning to "begets" in line ?
A. raises
B. incites
C. follows
D. decides

Click here for the correct answers:

1. B

2. C

3. A

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