TOEIC Reading - Part 7

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All bags must be scanned before entering the premises. 
Anyone refusing to have his or her bag scanned will not be allowed access to the building.
If the bag contains any items considered dangerous (including knives, tools, needles), these items will be removed and stored at the entrance for the owner to retrieve at the end of the working day.
We at the Arbor Chemical company want you to be safe in your workplace.Thank you for your compliance.

1. Where would this sign be seen?

A. In a police station
B. At a school
C. At a factory entrance
D. In a company cafeteria

2. What word is closest in meaning to the word "compliance"?

A. Understanding
B. Obedience
C. Refusal
D. Entrance

Click here for the correct answers:

1. C

2. B
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