Speaking Tips - Silent letters

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IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC Speaking and Silent Letters

Many words in English have letters that are not pronounced. These letters are called "silent letters" and must never be pronounced. 

So a word like "know" sounds the same as "no", and not "k-no".

knee, know, knew known - the "k" is not pronounced
wrong, write, wrote, written, wrist - the  "w" is not pronounced
sword  - the "w" is not pronounced
receipt - the "p" is not pronounced
biscuit  - say "bis kit", do not pronounce the "u"
scissors  - do not pronounce the "c"
plumber, debt, climb, thumb  - the "b" is silent in each word
honest, hour - the "h" is not pronounced
rhyme, thyme - these are pronounced without the "h", "rime" and "time"
answer - the "w" is not pronounced
Christmas - it is pronounced "krismas"
Wednesday - it is pronounced "wensday"

Good pronunciation makes your speaking clearer!

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