What are your study habits?

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Before you can improve your study habits, you need to identify your good and bad points!

Consider the following list and decide between things you: 

  1. Already do
  2. Plan to do
  3. Not interested in
Study HabitAlready DoPlan to DoNot Interested
Study every day.
Create a quiet place at home to study.
Turn off the phone, TV, and other devices that may disturb you when studying.
Listen to soft music.
Study in a way that suits your learning style.
Take regular breaks, like 5 minutes every half hour.
Study well before your test (don't wait until the last minute).
Study the hardest things first and then move on to easier ones.
Spend the most time on things that you find most difficult.
Ask for help if you are struggling with something.
Take notes as you study, using your own words to simplify complex concepts.
Organise your notes in a notebook or folder.
Look at your notes on a regular basis.
Make connections between the things you are studying and have mastered.
Take practice tests, so you don't panic when it's time for the real test.
Keep track of your study progress.
Reward yourself after a good study session.
Quiz yourself about what you just studied.
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