Writing your first paragraph.

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S1 The influence on the behaviour of working women’s children is topic often discussed. What affect working mothers have on the behaviour of their children is a hotly debated topic around the world today. Working mothers and the impact they have on their children’s behaviour is an often discussed topic today. S2 Some feel that because mothers work, their children’s behaviour is poor, often becoming juvenile delinquents, while others disagree. Many blame working mothers for the rise in juvenile delinquency around the world, while others disagree. Looking for an answer to the increased rate of juvenile delinquency, many blame working mothers, while others have a different view. S3 In my opinion, juvenile delinquency cannot be solely blamed on working mothers however, I feel it does play a big part. In my opinion, it is not appropriate to blame working mothers for the increased rate of juvenile delinquency. From my perspective, the increase in the poor behaviour of young people is largely due to the increase in working mothers.
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