TOEIC Reading - Part 7

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You are going to read some reading passages, each with 2-5 questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text.


CityBus thanks you for choosing the bus as your means of transportation. The bus is economical, practical, and safe and all of us at CityBus are happy to serve you.

A few reminders:

If you have a bus pass, it must be renewed before its expiration date in order to benefit from priority fares.

All passes must be swiped on entering the bus. If you do not validate your journey, you risk a fine from one of our controllers. Repeat offenders may be denied access to the bus.

Please move to the back of the bus on entering. Try to leave the places at the front of the bus for the elderly, handicapped, pregnant women or families with small children. 

While telephones are permitted on the bus, please try to keep your conversations short and quiet so as not to disturb the other passengers. It is better to send SMSs than to make phone calls on the bus.

Our drivers are very competent and knowledgeable. If you have a question, please wait for the bus to stop at a bus stop to ask the driver, and do not ask a question while the driver is driving. We have had 5 years without an accident on any CityBus line and would like that to continue!

We look forward to seeing you on a CityBus.

1. What is the main objective of the letter?

A. To inform bus riders about policies
B. To discuss rider problems
C. To stop riders from using telephones
D. To sell bus passes

2. Who has priority for the front seats?

A. A young man going to school
B. A businesswoman after work
C. A couple with shopping bags
D. A woman with a baby and a small child

3. What can be assumed about the drivers?

A. Many of them are new to CityBus
B. They know the city well
C. They don't like to talk to people
D. There have been too many accidents

Click below for the correct answers

1. A

2. D

3. B

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