TOEFL Speaking: Test Tips!

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On the TOEFL Speaking test you will have to respond to 6 questions - a single question, a conversation, a talk, or a lecture.  After you have read the question to which you will provide a spoken answer, consider the following tips:

1. A time management tip!

Make sure when you are providing your answer to the questions asked that you ONLY provide content that the question asks of you. Don't try to repeat everything you heard in a conversation or lecture. You may run out of time trying to say everything you wanted to say, but if you have thoroughly answered the question, then you will still receive a high score.

2. A pronunciation tip!

To improve your pronunciation!  To do this, you might access an online dictionary that gives you the option to listen to a speaker (not a robot) pronounce the words you look up.  We recommend After you look up a word and listen to its pronunciation, you can then try to pronounce it just like the speaker. TOEFL raters are used to hearing various accents from around the world. The important thing is to have a clear pronunciation so that your responses will be understood. As long as your speech is comprehensible, it is possible to receive a high score, even though you have an accent.

3. Making mistakes

While recording your responses on the TOEFL test, you can have occasional errors in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and still get a high score. A high score does not mean a response is perfect; it means that it is able to be understood. To find out how raters score your Speaking click here.  

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