TOEFL Speaking: An overview

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The TOEFL Speaking test lasts about 20 minutes.  A clock on the screen will show you how much time you have to prepare for each answer and how much time you have to record each response.

In the TOEFL Speaking test you will be presented with six (6) questions.  You are required to respond to a single question, a conversation and a talk or lecture.  The prompts and questions are presented only once.

So that you can more effectively answer the questions, you should take notes as you listen but, be aware, that your notes will not count toward your score.  Some of the questions ask for a response to a reading passage and a talk/lecture. The reading passages and the questions are written, but most of the directions will be spoken.

Your speaking is evaluated in two key areas: fluency and accuracy.  You are given 15-20 seconds to respond to each question.  You should plan to speak for all of the time allotted for each question - you answers should be complete.
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