IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC: Practice Speaking Topics

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Here are some more IELTS (Part 1), TOEFL & TOEIC speaking topics.  Would you be able to answer these in a test?

Do you like to walk?
How often do you go walking?
Do you walk to your work or school?
Where do you like to walk?
Tell me about an interesting thing that you saw/happened to you while walking.

Do you like movies?
Do you go to cinema on weekends?
What's your favourite movie?

Do you like to plan your weekends?
What are you going to do next weekend?

Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Can you describe it?
What is your favorite place in the house?  Why do you like it?
What would you like to change in your house? Why?

Do you like riding a bike? Why/why not?
Is cycling/bike riding popular in your country? Why?
Do you think bikes are safe to use in cities?

Do you think it is important to study the history of your country?
What about world history - should we study this?
How is the history of your country preserved?

Do you like advertisements?  Why/why not?
Have you ever bought a product after watching an ad on TV?
What do you think about advertising online?
Why do you think people advertise things?

Art & Drawing:
Have you studied art at school?
Which do you prefer, drawing or painting?
Have you ever been to an art gallery?  
Would you like to study art in the future?  Why/Why not?

Is it important to celebrate birthdays? Why/Why not?
How are children's birthdays celebrated in your country?
What is the most important age in your country?  How is it celebrated?

Do you think wearing a hat on sunny days is important?
Did you wear a hat as a child? Why?
What is the importance of a hat?
Do you think hats are fashionable

Do you like singing?  Why/Why not?
Did you learn to sing in your childhood?
Why do people sing?
What type of songs do people like to sing?  Why?
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