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We are pleased to be able to offer our Standard subscription students a total of 16 complete practice tests in all 4 modules:


4 x listening

4 x reading

4 x writing

4 x speaking


= 16 complete practice tests.

For Premium subscribers, we are very pleased to provide a total of 56 complete practice tests in all 4 IELTS modules.


14 x listening

14 x reading

14 x writing

14 x speaking


= 56 complete practice tests.


In addition, Premium subscribers receive 1 x Task 1 and 1 x Task 2 feedback on their writing.  Please see here for more information about this.

We try to make it as clear as possible to all prospective students that Premium is easily the best value.


The following YouTube video will give you more information about our course: 



All the very best for your IELTS test!

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