Pen or pencil in Paper-Based IELTS?

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We received the following question from one of our students:
Do we have to use a pen or pencil in IELTS writing?  What about reading and listening, too?
This is an important question because it has implications on what you should use to practice - a pen or a pencil.  The fact is that a pencil must be used for Listening and Reading test answers however, a pen OR HB pencil can be used for writing (in our local IELTS test centre, they ask test takers to use a pen for writing).

If you feel more comfortable writing with a pen, we recommend doing all your practice with a pen.  If you make a mistake, simply cross it out with one line. Your answer doesn't have to look 'perfect' however, it MUST be able to be read by the examiner.

Before your test, you should receive instructions about what you can bring into the test room.  Two things you can bring are: 2 x pens and 2 x pencils...and a clear bottle of water B).   

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