IELTS Task 2. Should you write: 'In this essay, I will write about both sides and give my opinion'?

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In IELTS Task 2, I sometimes read sentences like this in the introductory paragraph:
  • In this essay, I will discuss both opinions and give my own thoughts towards this matter.
  • This essay will discuss both sides and give my opinion.
  • I will show both sides of the question and end with my own opinion on this topic.
  • This essay will analyse the advantages and disadvantages that arise when a person rents a house. Following this, a reasoned conclusion will be shared.
  • I see more disadvantages than advantages - as I will explain now.
  • In this essay, I will discuss the good side of using television in class as well as the bad side of it. 
  • I strongly agree with the statement...and reasons for this and relevant examples will be presented in this essay.

What's wrong with these kinds of sentences in your IELTS Task 2 introductory paragraph?

Essentially, it's just a waste of time and words. Why tell the reader what you're going to do? Just do it!  You only have 250 words to write, don't waste your time and energy on telling the reader what you're going to do. Use your time and energy on the main body paragraphs, which are the key to a high score. A long introduction won't help your score at all, but longer and better main body paragraphs will.

In addition, the examiner may consider this sentence memorised. As a result of this, your score may be reduced.  

The point: don't waste time telling the reader what you're 'going to do' - just do it by focusing on the main body paragraphs  B).

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