IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC Formal vs Informal Writing

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All of these sentences have problems in relation to formality. Can you identify them?

1. Today, it is recommended that kids learn a second language as early as possible.

2. The first & most important point is that taxation enables governments to provide reliable infrastructure.

3. Advertising enables a number of large industries to exist: radio, television, the internet, etc.

4. I am gonna make sure that I contact him promptly at 9.00AM tomorrow.

5. It's important that all aspects of the procedure are strictly adhered to.

6. In conclusion, I'm quite certain that mobile phones will continue to play a significant role in future communications.

7. Old people play a most important role in all societies.

Click below for the answers:

1. kids = children
2. & = and
3. etc = do not use etc!
4. gonna = going to 
5. It's = it is
6. I'm = I am
7. Old people = Elderly people

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