TOEFL Speaking Hints

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How do I improve my TOEFL speaking?

Many students have a good level of spoken English, yet have difficulties speaking during the TOEFL test. Here are some hints for you to improve your speaking and obtain a top score on the exam!

First, find time to speak. This is probably the most difficult part for most students. You need to set aside time every day and just speak. Even if you are not talking to anyone, just making the sounds of English will help you. Reading and listening are passive activities - find time to be active and to speak!

Practice TOEFL-style speaking. Find examples of the 6 TOEFL speaking sections and practice similar speaking exercises. By practicing the same style of question, you will be able to anticipate the types of questions you will be asked on the exam. This answers section is a good place to start!

Imitate good speaking that you hear. Technology gives students access to a wealth of recorded native speakers - from short songs to speeches, from humour to serious issues. Decide on an accent that you prefer, and imitate good speakers who use that accent. Speak along with videos, in particular if you can have the transcript. This will improve your pronunciation and your ear for the language.

Get corrections from a native speaker. This is not always possible face-to-face, but consistent, corrected conversation with a native speaker is a good way to improve your speaking. If you don't have a teacher or friend available, contact Scott's English Success for training with a native speaker!

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