TOEFL Speaking - Section 1

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TOEFL Speaking test - section 1

In this section, you will have 15 seconds to prepare a topic and 45 seconds to speak about the topic. The topic is usually a personal question. You may make a few notes (keywords) if you wish.

Topic: Who is one role model that you have in life? It can be a family member, a famous person, a teacher, etc.

Click here for a sample answer:

One role model in my life is my father. He never went to university, and worked hard every day for his family. Working hard every day means that I did not see him a lot when I was in school, but I knew he was there if I needed him. My father always had a garden and many of my memories are of him working with plants. He also enjoyed playing and watching sports and encouraged his three children to be active. Today, I like to have a garden because it reminds me of him. I remember some things that he said about being on time for work, respecting people, doing well in school but I especially remember his example. 

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