IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC Writing: Beware of tautologies!

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Something's wrong with the following sentences.  Can you tell what's wrong?
In my opinion, I think children are the best language learners.
From my perspective, a love of the subject is a necessary requirement for all university students.
I believe that in this decade, smart phones are the best new innovation we have.
I would like to repeat again this important point...
There must be other alternative ways to solve the problem.
Once a PIN number is entered, the transaction can take place.
Full-time jobs did not allow students to return back to post-graduate studies. 
I am able to translate a chapter of French into English without making any errors or mistakes. 
The problem is that there was an unnecessary use of two words to express one meaning - in other words, 'a tautology'. Here are the repeated words which are wrong:

  • my opinion, I think
  • necessary requirement
  • new innovation
  • repeat again
  • other alternative
  • PIN number
  • return back
  • errors or mistakes
We don't need to write both these words - if you do this, you are making a mistake.

Make sure that you don't 'repeat again' these types of words in your writing  ;)

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