IELTS Listening Test: Are capital letters important?

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Are capital letters important in the IELTS Listening Test answers?

The answer to the question: 'Are capital letters in the Listening (and Reading) Test important' is NO.  Capital letters are NOT important.  You can write ALL your answers in lower case or in capitals.  Either way, as long as your spelling is correct, you will be marked correct.

Make sure that you also include all plurals in your answers.  If the answer is 'houses' and you you write 'house' on the answer sheet, you will be marked wrong.

Again: make sure your spelling is correct!  If any words are misspelled, they will be marked wrong. *TIP:Make sure you keep a list of your mistakes, and learn correct spellings by heart.

A final piece of advice: on test day make sure your handwriting is clear and that it is easy to identify each letter, particularly the vowels (a, e, i, o, u).

It's the same for the reading, but most of your responses in the reading come from the text, so you should be able to see if there are capitals or not.

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