TOEIC Listening Part 4 - Talks

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TOEIC Listening Part 4 - short talks

In this part, you will listen to a short talk, each with 3 questions. 

For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to what you hear.

Click here to listen:

Question 1 What bus is leaving from dock C?

A. Boston

B. New York City

C. New Haven

D. Providence

Question 2 If you have a ticket for New York City,

A. You must stop at New Haven.

B. You can take any bus for New York City.

C. You will stop at Bridgeport.

D. You must leave from dock F.

Question 3 Why can't you make telephone calls from inside the station?

A. They cause too much noise.

B. They interfere with the bus radio system.

C. They are too expensive.

D. Actually, you can call from inside or outside the station.

Click here for the answers:

Question 1, D, Providence.
Question 2, B, You can take any bus for New York City.
Question 3, A, They cause too much noise

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