How long does it take to improve your IELTS score by 1 band?

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How long does it take to go from 5.0 and to 6.0 or 7.0 to 8.0?

A lot of students often ask: How long do I have to study to improve my score?

Well, there are two factors that affect how quickly your score will improve:

1. Natural talent/ability with the language.

Some people are just good at languages (just like some people are naturally good at mathematics and science). If you are naturally good at languages, you can 'pick it up' easily, then your score will improve in less time.

2. The amount of time you spend studying.

We're always talking about discipline. We'll state it again: discipline is a key to IELTS (and TOEFL and TOEIC) success!

In the past, IELTS released a study that suggested it takes around 200 hours of course study for a person to improve their band score by 1. Our personal experience combined with this research verify this.  In other words, a student should study around 5 hours/day for 2 months to improve his/her band score by 1.

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