Getting Your IELTS test re-marked

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Have you just received your IELTS test result and you’re not happy?

  • Do you need 7.0 for writing but you scored 6.5?
  • Do you need 6.0 for Speaking but you achieved 5.5?
  • In such cases, you can get your tests re-marked.

Listen to the information and fill in each gap with one missing word:

Within ______ weeks of your test date, can request that your IELTS test be re-marked. IELTS call it an ‘______ on Results’. Now you wouldn’t get ______ or ______ re-marked because those scores are standardised and measured against an ______ criteria – it’s very ______ that your score would increase. The only modules that may be open to scrutiny and change are ______ and ______ .

I recommend getting your scores checked if you received high scores in 3 modules and one lower score – for example a 6.5 in ______ or ______ and you need a ______ . In addition, if your result is proven to be ______ , in other words, you were given a 6.5 on your certificate and your Enquiry on Results leads to an increase in your score, then your fee is ______ !

The bad news however, is that getting your test re-marked carries with it a ______ . This cost varies from test location to test location – you should contact your local IELTS test centre and ______ about the cost. Another piece of ______ news is that it takes up to ______  weeks to find out about your score – so if you’re in a hurry well, it might be faster to just sit the test again.  Another ______ is getting your test re-checked may actually result in you getting a ______ score! Wouldn’t that be ______ ?

Anyway, the opportunity to get your work re-marked is available.  If you have had your test re-marked, please post your experience for the benefit of others in the comments boxes below.

Once you have identified the missing words, click below to confirm your answers:

Paragraph 1:
six, Enquiry, Reading, Listening, unmovable, unlikely, Writing, Speaking

Paragraph 2:
Speaking, Writing, 7.0, wrong, refunded

Paragraph 3:
cost, enquire, bad, eight, negative, lower, terrible

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