TOEIC Reading Part 6 - Choose the right words

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Select the best answers to complete the text.

Small businesses seek to maximize their advertising budget. For this reason, they often avoid traditional mass advertising (television, for example) because they feel it is 1.___________  expensive for them.

(A) above
(B) enough
(C) too
(D) over

While modern media such as the Internet are a good way to build a company's visibility, these free services (the Internet, social media, email mailings) do not always result 2.___________ attracting new customers. But we at Northwest Advertising choose to 

(A) at
(B) in
(C) to
(D) into

offer our customers a balanced approach, mixing television, radio and print media with modern media to ensure that the customer finds your business. Please be aware that traditional mass advertising is more ____________________ to older customers, those who are not a part of the Internet generation.

(A) credible
(B) credibly
(C) crediting
(D) credibility

Contact us today to see how we may direct business to you!

Please click below to have the correct answers:

1. they feel it is too expensive
2. do not always result in attracting
3. mass advertising is more credible amongst

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