TOEIC Reading Part 6 - Choose the right words

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Select the best answers to complete the text.

Dear customers,

We at Poxno Chemicals are happy to  1.___________ that our new product line is finally ready for the market.

(A) introduce
(B) invite
(C) enable
(D) announce

As a valued customer, we would like to offer you the  2.___________ catalogue which details our new offering of cleaning chemicals, with copyrighted formulas that will suit your every cleaning need.

(A) joined
(B) enclosed
(C) interior
(D) written

For orders, please contact your normal sales representative at Poxno Chemicals. Please also feel free to  3.___________ a catalogue for a friend. Poxno Chemicals is proud of its product line and of its customers!

(A) request
(B) insist
(C) encourage
(D) relate


Gene Barrett,

Please click below to have the correct answers:

1. We at Poxno Chemicals are happy to announce that our new product line

2.  we would like to offer you the enclosed catalogue

3. Please also feel free to request a catalogue for a friend

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