How do you use...(fill in the word)?

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It's difficult to know how (and when) to use some words in writing and speaking...

For example, do you know when to use such similar phrases as: moreover, in addition and furthermore?

How can you know?  Unless you have an English teacher right by your side, it may seem impossible.  Well the good news is: it isn't!

Here's all you need to do:

1. Search for the word or phrase you're having problems with (use quotes around the words you want to search for - e.g., "in addition")

2. Locate the times the word appears in professional online sites (e.g., .gov or professional news sites).

3. Write down 6-8 examples and look for patterns in the use of the special word(s).

4. Talk with others about the use of the special words and make them a part of your 'everyday' language.

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