IELTS and TOEFL: Read the paragraph and answer the question.

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Read the following paragraph and answer the question below.

Cultural psychology is a field of psychology which assumes that culture and mind are inseparable, and that psychological theories grounded in one culture are likely to be limited in applicability when applied to a different culture.  Robyn Panhurst, a leading researcher in the field of cultural psychology, points out that cultural psychology is 'a study of the way cultural traditions and social practices regulate, express, and transform the human psyche, resulting less in psychic unity for humankind than in ethnic divergences in mind, self and emotion.’  Cultural psychology also postulates that person and context, psyche and culture, practitioner and practice, live together, require each other, and dynamically, dialectically, and jointly, make each other up. 

Which TWO of the following statements agree with the text?

A.  A person’s culture changes dramatically their thoughts and feelings.

B.  Cultural psychology deals with the impact practitioners have on research.

C.  A person’s mind and culture are completely connected.

D.  A person’s psyche and culture are a product of their formal education.

E.  The psychology of one culture cannot be applied to another.

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