Getting your IELTS test re-marked

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What if you're not happy with your results?  Can you get your test re-checked?

The short answer is YES.

Students can request that their IELTS test be re-marked.  IELTS call it an ‘Enquiry on Results’. 

Now, obviously, you would not get Reading or Listening re-marked.  Those scores are standardised and measured against an unmovable criteria.  The only modules that may be open to scrutiny and change are writing and speaking

The good news is that it is possible to get your test answers re-evaluated and sometimes, it results in you being able to get a higher score.  I would recommend this for someone who has high scores in 3 modules and one lower score – for example a 6.5 in speaking and you need a 7.0.  In addition, if your result is proven to be wrong, in other words, you were given a 6.5 on your certificate and your Enquiry on Result leads to an increase in your score, then your fee is refunded!

The bad news however is that getting your test re-marked carries with it a cost.  This cost varies from test location to test location – you should contact your local IELTS test centre/office and enquire about it.  Another piece of bad news is that it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to find out about your score – so if you’re in a hurry well, you’re in trouble!  The last negative is getting your speaking or writing re-checked may result in you getting a lower score!  Wouldn’t that be terrible?

Anyway, the opportunity to get your work re-marked is available.  IELTS call it ‘An Enquiry on Results’.  For more details, be sure you check with your local IELTS representative.

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