Is it marked wrong if I write 6 instead of vi in my IELTS Paragraph Heading answer?

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Last week, we were working on an IELTS Reading test with Paragraph Headings. The headings looked like this:

i.    The challenges of the old way
ii.   How to solve technical problems
iii.  Looking from a different angle
iv.  A new approach
v.   Current rules for problem solving
vi.  First steps and origins
vi.  Learning a different perspective

The answer to the question was vi but the student wrote 6 on his answer sheet. 

What happens in your test if you do this?

Well, in fact, the answer will be marked as correct.  In fact, if the answer is iv and you write IV or 6, you will still be marked correct.  So, if the answer is viii and you write 8, you will still be marked correct.

This may be good news for some people B)

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