A question about IELTS Speaking: Part 2

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Here is a typical Part 2 speaking test question:

Describe a vehicle you have seen that you would like to have (e.g. car or motorbike).

You should say: 

  • What kind of vehicle this is
  • Where you saw the vehicle
  • How easy it would be for you to get this vehicle

and explain why you would like to have this vehicle. 

A student recently asked: Will I lose marks if I do NOT cover all the points listed in Part 2 of the speaking test?

Well, what you actually say - the content - is not part of your IELTS Speaking assessment criteria.  In other words, you won't be marked on what you say.  So, if you spend most of your time talking about where you saw the vehicle (bullet point 2 above) it's no problem, your score will not be reduced.

Good luck with your IELTS speaking test!
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