Furthermore, Moreover & Nevertheless

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Do you know how to correctly use furthermore, moreover and nevertheless?  Many students try to use these words in their writing Task answers and use them incorrectly.  Read the following information about the words and then answer the questions:


Definition/related information

  • in addition; more importantly
  • Furthermore is used to add another point or list item.
  • Use furthermore when you add something to what you just said.
  • Furthermore (in addition to what has been said) adds information.



  • (used to add information) also/further and more importantly
  • Moreover not only adds another point but is always a persuasive term.
  • Moreover (beyond what has been said) builds up the argument, ‘not only that’, adds a reason of a different kind, adds to diversity, ‘more importantly’.


  • despite (i.e. without taking any notice of or being influenced by) not prevented by what has just been said or referred to
  • It’s also frequently used alongside ‘but’


Complete the sentences below by adding the correct word – moreover, furthermore or nevertheless.



The whole report is badly written. ______________ , it's inaccurate.



Owning a house can cost a lot of money; ______________ , home ownership is a big part of living the Aussie dream.



Barbequing meat makes it taste really good; ______________ , it allows fatty juices to drain away from the meat.



Asparagus is an unusual vegetable but tasty, ______________ .



Smoking is a very expensive habit.  ______________ , it can take your life!



Prehistoric writing and drawings reveal a simple but, ______________ , fascinating view of the world.



Reading is a good way to learn new vocabulary words; ______________, it can improve your ability to spell words correctly.



Homelessness produces intense feelings of despair in those who don’t have a place to live; ______________ , it produces feelings of guilt among people who are not homeless.



It was a good car and, ______________ , the price was quite reasonable.



No one likes to feed parking meters. ______________ , they are a low-cost alternative to parking garages, and they help keep city streets free of abandoned vehicles.



Texting while driving is dangerous; ______________ , it’s illegal in all states.



The old system had its flaws, but ______________ it was preferable to the new one.



The new teacher is pretty and, ______________ , she’s incredibly smart.



Religion offers people an opportunity to reflect on their personal existence; ______________ , it brings communities together in a spirit of peace and cooperation.



I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting ______________.


1.    moreover
2.    nevertheless
3.    furthermore
4.    nevertheless
5.    moreover
6.    nevertheless
7.    furthermore
8.    furthermore
9.    moreover
10.  nevertheless
11.  moreover
12.  nevertheless
13.  furthermore
14.  furthermore
15.  nevertheless
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