Read the text and find the correct words

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Read the following text:

If most of us were asked what we knew about Isaac Newton, we would probably reply that he discovered the laws of gravity through watching an apple fall from a tree in his garden.  So far as it goes the answer would be true; because years after that charming story had gone into circulation his niece, who was also his housekeeper, confirmed the truth of that incident in the garden of the old house at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire. But it tells us too little of this man whose mind was one of the most remarkable in the history of human thought; whose dis­coveries marked the end of one period of mankind and the beginning of another; whose genius in mathematics laid the foundation for the scientific discoveries of the ages of mechanical triumph which followed; and, strangest of all, who lost interest in all this - if, indeed, he ever had any. 

Now, find a word from the text to match these definitions:

  1. transmission from person to person ________
  2. groundwork; basis ________
  3. identified, indicated ________
  4. occurrence ________
  5. likeable, lovely ________
  6. validated, substantiated ________
  7. great ability ________

1. circulation
2. foundation
3. marked
4. incident
5. charming
6. confirmed
7. genius

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