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Are negative marks given for the wrong answer?
Are marks cut for incorrect spellings? 
In the Practice Lab Listening Test 1 Question 18-20, there appears to be 4 correct answers: C-F. However, F is not given as an answer. Why?
In Questions 21-23, the correct answer is B,C,E. However if I chose to write C, E and F will all my answers be marked wrong (since they don't correspond to 21,22, 23) or will I get points for 2 correct answers?


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    Hi Tania3

    The answers for Listening Test 1, Questions 18-20 are correct as stated.  Check the transcript to see why option 'F' is not suitable.

    As to your second question, if the correct answers are B,C and E and you wrote C, E and F you would get two (2) points for answers C and E.

    For more information about filling in an answer sheet, please be sure to check out the Resource Library and listen to 'Filling in the IELTS Reading Answer sheet'.  

    Hope this information helps. B) 
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