Choose the correct word to complete the text.

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Try this vocab-building activity:

In the text below some words are missing.  Fill the blanks from the words provided after the text. 

Although intelligent, people often make the 1_______ of assuming that other people’s minds work in the same way as theirs do. For instance, economists often create mathematically-based models based on the 2 _______ that people act rationally as far as their own economic 3_______ are concerned.  A person doesn't have to look much further than family and friends to see how off the 4_______ this idea is. The problem with a lot of such scientifically-based theories is that they are not supportive of facts that don’t 5_______ the case.

make | fit | mistake | fact | interests | business | mark | notion

For the answers, click here

1. mistake
2. notion
3. interests
4. mark
5. make

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