Should you write: I strongly/firmly agree?

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Many students like to write, 'I strongly disagree with...' or 'I firmly agree that...'.  Should we write such sentences in an IELTS Task 2 answer?

In our experience, all Task 2 IELTS question topics will rarely be topics that you will totally/strongly disagree/agree with.  If you write like this, your sentence can seem trite and memorised

If you really do strongly agree, then by all means, write 'I strongly agree'.  However, the rest of your answer should show why you strongly agree.  If your body paragraphs do not show this, then the examiner may be inclined to think you've just memorised a standard phrase that does not really support what you have written in the body paragraphs.

Make sure you back up your statements with examples to show exactly why you 'strongly/firmly agree/disagree'.

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